Comparison of reusable space systems
Space Shuttle" (USA) and "Energiya-Buran" (USSR)

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2. констркуция
Structure of the orbiter
3. Теплозащита
Thermal protection of the orbiter

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4. Системы отображения информации Systems of the information representation

Системы отображения информации

Official beginning of development: 1972 г.
The first space flight: 12.04.1981
Total cost to 1983: $17,8 billions
Official beginning of development: 17.02.1976 г.
The first space flight: 15.11.1988
Total cost to January 1 1991: 16,4 billions rub.
Total cost and period of developing

The note: Certainly the "Energiya-Buran" system is more effective space complex. But it is necessary to remember that "Buran" was created after "Space- Shuttle" with break more than 5 years. It has allowed on the one hand to apply more modern methods of designing, materials, manufacturing technologies, test methods etc. and with another - has enabled our designers to take into account all foreign miscalculations and mistakes. The domestic system was created also as the improved counterbalance (answer) to already existing American analogue.
Certainly for past years "Space-Shuttle" was exposed to numerous updatings but it has main advantage before "Buran": it flies...

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